7ideo (iOS)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The camera app designed to easily control complex colorful effects.

The process contains three steps: color, overlay, mask.


First, image color adjustment to rebalance gamma, saturation, brightness and apply hue color rotation. Alternatively, color grading can be achieved by matching the color palette of the photo or video asset.


Second, add an extra layer of color and media assets over the image with independent mix levels, to be used as added transparency or color value subtraction.


Third, mask the shape based on color selection or alpha channel asset. The results of the first and second steps can be filtered through inner or outer areas of the mask independently and can be applied with different levels of transparency.


The camera app allows manual controls of capture settings using convenient sliders.

  • Framerate ramping. Slo-mo or fast-forward. Dynamic time scaling during video recording to achieve dramatic acceleration or slow-down effects in recorded videos.
  • Focus. Set the most spectacular focal point and change it smoothly during video capture or set it to an auto-focus position.
  • Exposure. Change the timing of each frame in real-time to meet the light conditions.
  • ISO. Adjust the sensitivity of a photosensor in real-time.

External viewfinder support

The camera app allows the connection of remote control viewfinders. Apple Watch remote control app is included. Additional remote viewfinders are available for iOS, macOS, tvOS.

Capture settings

Select from a variety of native presets or adjust to make your own.

Video customization

The camera app allows setting custom video parameters: image size, framerate, encoding bitrate, keyframe interval.

Custom interface colors

The camera app allows customization of user interface colors. In select cases, alternative icons for the app are available.

Fullscreen viewfinder

The camera app has an alternative fullscreen viewfinder with disabled controls and a low light setting.

Take advantage of advanced features:

  • Custom microphone selection.
  • HDMI live video output.
  • AirPlay live video output.
  • Live audio monitoring.
  • Limited live broadcast sharing.
  • Record uncompressed audio.
  • Use the MPEG-4 video file format.

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